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Teak/ Zebrano/ American Walnut/ Rosewood/ Bamboo/ Ipe/ Cumaru/ Tauri/ Cabreuva/ Purpleheart/ Tamarindo/ Walnut/ Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) / Tari/ African Ebony/ Timborana/

American Cherry

Cherry hardwood is an ornate yet dependable choice for your hardwood flooring board project, with a range of color that spans off-white to reddish tones, making it truly distinctive. Because of its photosensitive nature, cherry will darken with age over time.


A hardwood known for its close-grain appearance and dark luster when used as hardwood flooring board. The wood of the walnut varies in color from light to deeper golden brown tones, and on to even darker, chocolaty hues, with grains equally varied from straight to wavy patterns.  

Brazilian Cherry

This richly colored hardwood is known both as Brazilian Cherry and as Jatoba. The coloring of this exotic hardwood is very distinctive, characterized by a lustrous range of deep reds, burgundies, and darker reddish browns, making it an extremely decorative hardwood flooring board option with an exotic, high-end appeal. This hardwood flooring board is photosensitive and will darken over time, just like American cherry hardwood. The wood is extremely dense and hard, more so than many domestic hardwoods, which makes it a very reliable choice for hardwood flooring board.


Bamboo flooring is becoming known as an attractive, long lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to the more conventional choice of hardwood flooring. As such, bamboo has become a popular choice of flooring by ecologically minded consumers, perhaps the "greenest" flooring of flooring materials as well as one of the most aesthetically pleasing.


Teak is a close grained hardwood with high natural oil and rubber content. It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, highly resistant to any rotting, splitting, buckling and almost impervious to the effects of hot sun, rain, frost or snow. Teak has been prized for centuries as one of the worlds most durable and stable woods for outdoor use. It has been the number one choice of boat builders for centuries. When amortized over the years, taking into consideration its quality and longevity, teak wood is one of the better investments around.

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