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White oak makes excellent hardwood flooring board because of its strength and general durability. The white oak wood itself is as descriptively light in color, with subtle touches of brown highlighting it. Abnormally not a very tall tree, typically 20-25 m tall at maturity, it nonetheless becomes quite massive. The tallest known white oak is 44 m tall. It is not unusual for a white oak tree to be as wide as it is tall. White oaks have been known to live over five hundred years. The bark is a light ash-gray and somewhat peeling, variously from the top, bottom and/or sides.

Much like the white oak, Red Oak it is very resistant to wear, making it a very practical choice for hardwood flooring board. Red oak wood is very attractive, demonstrating a pinkish hue in addition to its tonal range of off-whites and light browns. Red oak was the workhorse hardwood of the Industrial Age, used not only as hardwood flooring board and for furniture, but also for use in making railroad ties and wagon wheels.

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