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It’s no secret that environmental consciousness is evolving. In fact, recent consumer research reveals that 78% of consumers are making an effort to recycle in their homes, 72% are concerned about environmental issues and an overwhelming 88% are interested in learning more about eco-friendly products.  While many companies are making environmental promises for the future, there is a flooring company that’s different. It’s making progress now. Meet Trust featuring Shaw’s Green Edge Program.

Trust is founded on continuous innovation and the dedication to doing the right thing—which means listening to the consumer. Shaw has been working for decades on innovative ways of reducing waste, improving manufacturing processes and preserving natural resources.  Shaw is committed to investing in technologies that move the company to a cradle-to-cradle future, and the company has already made major investments to date. Shaw’s aggressive commitment to the environment is named the Shaw Green Edge. The Shaw Green Edge is an umbrella term that encompasses hundreds of our ongoing environmental initiatives.

What is cradle-to-cradle? Cradle-to-cradle is the only truth path to sustainability. Cradle-to-cradle is a philosophy of designing materials that have the ability to be recycled after a useful life and remade into the same raw material. And Shaw is doing it now. One of the Shaw Green Edge initiatives, the Evergreen Nylon Recycling facility in Augusta, Ga., is the only operating plant of its kind in the world. The facility is recycling carpets containing Type 6 nylon (N6) back into carpet—without the loss of any performance or aesthetic qualities. Cradle-to-cradle, carpet-to-carpet. Recyclable Shaw products carry the Shaw Green Edge and N6 identifications. And they don’t cost more. Look for Shaw’s high-style recyclable Anso® nylon products.

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